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Long time, no write. Huge entry under the cut, sorry.

I've been telling myself to update this for a few weeks, and never really got around to it. Once again, I was sucked into Plurk and whatnot and didn't really have the drive to write in a place that required full entries and detailed accounts of my day. The only reason I'm here now, really, is because I'm at work on my second Sunday shift, and I've run out of things to entertain myself with.

I guess I should start two weeks ago, or so. I went to the cat rescue to volunteer on Thursday morning, and in the midst of cleaning cages and sweeping, I met a tiny calico kitten who had just been dropped off at the rescue by her foster mom. I took a picture of her with my cell phone and sent it to my parents, and forty five minutes later I had permission from both my mother and father to adopt her. She stayed in the shelter overnight, and I drove her down to Castle Rock that Friday. Shannon came over to spend the night, since my mother was in Washington D.C., and we practiced our cosplay skit in the morning before Shannon left. The kitten was beginning to settle in well by the time I left on Sunday morning, since I had to be up at work that afternoon, and I got updates from my parents throughout the week about how she was doing. Our puppy, Maggie, really wants to be friends with the kitten (who is named Lotti), and though the kitten is a little put out by the dog's size, she is starting to tolerate her. The other cats are not very excited about the newest addition to the herd, but they aren't physically aggressive toward her, so she has been dining fine with them.

I spent the last few weeks being mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted. Bad news and behavior on the RP front have led me to block my browsers and computers from accessing anon comms and the hate meme, but some friends kept telling me stuff that was going on there until I asked them to stop. I was having night terrors for a while about spiders in my bed, and would keep getting up and searching all of my blankets for them in the dead of the night before trying to go back to sleep. I haven't been able to work out as frequently as I would like, and only managed to get back into the gym this past week to get two of my weight lifting sessions done. (the goal for this week is six days of exercise, at least.) I plan to go and start taking classes at Corepower Yoga for my own sanity and to stretch my muscles with the rest of my fitness routing. On top of it, my mothers has been sending me harassing emails and text messages about how horrible she believes my grades are (I have two As, a B, and a high C), and telling me what a failure I am. Since I don't have enough stress, and all that.

I went home for the weekend for the kitten's first vet visit and to have some bonding time this weekend, with the intention of getting some writing done on the big paper that I have due on Tuesday. Nothing was really accomplished on the paper, though, and I was still tired and out of sorts this morning. I drove up here to the Fort this morning and had a few hours to get settled before coming in to work.

I work at the campus calling center, now. It's not an amazing job, but it pays over a dollar more than my last job, and I only have to work for two days every week. I get to sit and read or mess around on my iPad while the phone rings and occasionally try to convince alumni to donate to the university. Sunday is a rough day, because I work two shifts in a row- six hours of calling from 1-4 and 4:30-7:30.

I would like nothing more than to go to the gym after work today. However, I have to get this stupid paper written, and that won't happen if I go work out before it's done. So I will go home, go look for the tiniest ACE bandage I can find at the drug store, and then go work on my essay.

My finger is all messed up from practicing our skit for the Sakuracon skit contest. It got a really hard smack on the knuckle, and one of the blood vessels burst, so it has been swollen and painful for the last few days. The circulation is all messed up because of it, too, so it's really not comfortable at all. In other injury news, I finally got referred to a podiatrist, since my foot injury has been hurting me for nearly a year now. I am hoping they can figure out what is wrong so I can get back to my life and wearing heels on rare occasions again, instead of being in pain all the time.

I'm going to be spending summer of 2012 at Cornell University for their FALCON intensive Chinese program; I got the acceptance letter last week, which I wasn't really expecting since its such a competitive program. More on this soon, I guess. Still on the lookout for where I will be staying, but I will have access to the athletic facilities for exercise, and I really want to have a kitchen to fix all my food so I don't have to deal with the allergy drama of a cafeteria.

Speaking of allergies, I guess, I've been diagnosed again. The official list of food allergies now is wheat, yogurt, eggs, and dairy. Eggs is a really hard one to avoid, and I cried in the grocery store the first day I went shopping for foods that didn't have any of my allergens. (I was tired, and overwhelmed, and new diagnoses suck.) So now I am on a healthy eating and fitness quest, full of weight lifting.

I've been trying to get back into writing again, and plan to update every D. Gray-man fic I have up over spring break.

Bluh. Well. I am kind of out of things to write for now, and it's hard to type on my tablet. I'm going to go back to reading Sherlock Holmes and playing Bejeweled until this shift is over, I guess.


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