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Here we go again.

It's been a very long year plus since I last used this journal. I'm tired and anxious and depressed, and tonight isn't particularly spectacular as far as nights go. I guess I'll start with an overall summary of life right now, and then future entries can be about present issues and happenings.

I have my own apartment now. I spent September to April living with Shannon, and May through June living with two people I was in a relationship with. I ended that relationship in July because I did not share their feelings, and that's that.

My father was diagnosed with tonsil cancer in June, and has been undergoing a series of surgeries and just started radiation treatments. His prognosis is very positive, but the news triggered intense depression and anxiety for me, and I've been struggling with it for the past few months.

My doctor wants me to exercise to treat the above. I'm working on it, but the only thing I can barely work up the motivation to do is swim laps at my local rec center. It's better than nothing, I guess, but yeah.

I work at a department store. I began at the discount version, selling menswear, in September, and was promoted to the full line selling women's designer clothing in April. I don't like my current position and I'm trying to move to a position that keeps me mentally stimulated and isn't constantly in jeopardy due to the fact that nobody buys designer in the current economy.

I have two cats, one that was given to me by Shannon on Election Day 2012, a calico named Lacie, and a little black and white kitten I adopted in July named Vivi. They love each other very dearly but I'm still trying to earn Vivi's trust for physical affection after I had to give her medicine and water by force during her first week with me, and she's still wary of me because of that.

I'm starting to sew more, when I can, and I've been taking on cosplay commissions for a little extra cash. Eventually I'll begin working on my own stuff again, but for now it's a sweatshop of Persona costumes.

I don't really know what else there is to say right now. Kind of just a blank, empty thing emotionally right now. Going to try to blog more regularly for my own sake.


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